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  1. even if I disable this feature it wont let me pass the internet test (wanted to cancel when Trying to connect to xbox live) But anyway...internet is working! so why cant I sync time in f3? do I need to enter special settings like for the wheater thing? What is this wheather code thats requested anyways???
  2. HAD 335 installed...is 775 now...sry if I wasnt clear enough for the record: should I be able to complete internet connection test with a JTAG? (exept xbox live) Does FSD sync to their own timeserver or is the time taken from xbox server?
  3. My problem might be related to the OP and I donT know where else to post this. So I set up my JTAG with all the fancy tools and got everything to work as far as I can see. Problem is I cant get the time and date to sync at startup! MS Networktest always fails on the internet part but internet is working in FSD (cover downloads ect) I also got the update message telling me a new FSD is available (had rev335 installed) Getting my Internet wired from my laptop (shared wifi internet connection) Any suggestions anyone?
  4. Hey I'm pretty new to all this stuff but your skin is the best I´ve seen so far ! If you want me to translate this skin into german just send me list of words and phrases you want to be translated
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