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    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    Hey there, just downloaded version 2.1.1 and am loving the old-skool! Just wondering if there's any info on what the game profile settings provide? I noticed on one game if I tick the top 4 boxes (linear filter, dynarec, threaded gpu, frame limit) the games looks and runs quite smoothly. Trouble is I don't know what these settings are actually doing and weather they all need to be enabled or not? (Game is crash bandicoot 1) And with the filters, am I right in thinking they're just an overlay of sorts? To make the game look a certain way? If there is already a post on this I would love to have a read, just couldn't find it myself. Thanks guys!
  2. jamesmiller5454

    Folder layout for JTAG Xbox 360

    Hi all, I've just updated my trusty old xbox and was going through it's folders through freestyle file manager. Anyway it got me thinking, the console was already like this, and I was wondering if there's any unnecessary folders or files in there that I don't need and could clean up to make it a neater, nicer place. The root folders on the HDD are; Flash Game Hdd1 Hddx SysExt I'm interested to find out what sort of files these folders normally contain and functions etc. I understand my Hdd1 has applications, games etc and was curious to the rest. Thanks guys!