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  1. you would be better making your owen cuting up some hdd cases useing some filler some mods some 2.5 inch hdd's and crome blue paint.


    my console is development console and looks way better than this this was the first console wit hthe first xdk on it. that thay shiped.


    thare are much better dev consoles than this out now.

    Do you have any pics?

  2. I Hate kids on XBL, XBL is no fun anymore and kiddies+jtag/rgh=epic fail. I liked it better during the Halo 2 & Halo 3 days No major cod was ruining it. and the 12 year olds were babies. Halo 2 zombies is king, who needs a 1950's character screaming huuuugh. We kill the big bad green lookin machines and not gangnam style only dual wield style! :2guns:

  3. I have a perfectly good mint condition Xenon from 2005 that is Jtagged on 16202. I don't think Ill let it go even though I already have my Jasper Dev Kit, I still don't have a 360 to use my XBL profile on to play my retail copies. I can use my Dev Kit to play them via my PC with Emulation or convert them to my Sidecar but I don't know how that would effect my XBL Profile with the MS servers. If I get my White 4GB S Console then I'll send my Jtag to them, I'm hoping TX releases something really nice that's universal on all Slims (It's been kind of a cat and mouse game with MS lately). Also a update for TX Fusion would be nice!

  4. Time for a bump and also some news. The good new is that I got a Japser 256MB Test Kit with 120GB sidecar pictured like the one above! The bad news is that I cannot find a Blu XNA Kit! I will search far and wide for that kit and sooner or later it will be MINE!@!@!@! :lol:

  5. The idea of watercooling it was awsome but im sorry it looks horrible. Everytime I see a watercooled or fan modded 360 it looks like this. If you would have put it in a Xbox 360 LanLi Case now that would have been really cool.

  6. Nice. I was registered to the original Team FSD site but someone deleted all of our accounts and data. I never re-registered until now with the new site. I like it, it's more simple and clean. I know you said not to mention RxE but what ever happened to it, I was left confused?

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