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  1. got this error sir http://puu.sh/1WQpB overvlow error then GaDaBaMa become freeze at this poiny http://puu.sh/1WQCr currently on win 8 32bit
  2. hi Ok103 when i encountered message like " the expected version bla2" i just uninstall office 2010 , then restart, uninstall assess2010 then restar, then insatall access runtime 2010 and the SP1 , optionally install office 2010 again and thats works , works on my win 7 32bit and win 8 32bit, hope thats works for u too and thanks for ur update sir Keyser , hope its work better in my win 8
  3. Thanks Keyser for your reply, its work now, thanks for your guidance, im just uninnstall my office 2010, access runtime, then reinstall accesruntime 2010 and accessruntime sp1 , and its works now, many thanks Keyser, thanks for your great work and your time GaDaBaMa FTW,
  4. hi Keyser, thank you very much for your awesome apps its just epic , i got a problem with later GaDaBaMa release ver 2 above, when im done installing it and open it , this error keep appearing then the program close itself , here some screenshot http://imgur.com/r1FCC im using windows 7 ultimate 32bit i got installed : AccessRuntime2010 M$ Visual C++ 2005, 2008 , 2010 M$ Office 2010 with access but the error keep came up, GaDaBaMa 1.2 run just fine in my sistem , im sorry if im post in wrong topic, just delete my post if it does many thanks Keyser n RealModScene , Cheers :lol:
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