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  1. So you cant get past the Xbox boot screen? have you tried launching straight into XexMenu by holding in the X button at the boot screen thats how i did it if that doesnt work then yes your going to have to do it with your pc.
  2. Did you have a different theme enabled other than the default theme for FSD? After i installed the update my fsd kept crashing then i went into XeXMenu and deleted my current theme so that it would go back to the default and it worked fine after that. I hope this helps you
  3. Is there something wrong with the servers? I cant connect to LINK anymore i played fine this morning and even having problems trying to connect to this site and jqe360 but other websites are fine. Just want to know if there is something wrong with the servers or if maybe the problem is on my side?
  4. Just one thing with the fsd plugin web i cant access my games it gives me this message " Error getting GameXML: 404 Not Found " Any suggestions?
  5. This is freakn awesome, great work guys your taking fsd development to the next level keep it up
  6. Hi guys could someone please give me advice on how to use the xcp files? i have looked every where and cant seem to find anything.
  7. Is Link going to support in game voice chat? Xlink was quite a mission to get voice chat, would like to plug my headphones into my xbox controller.
  8. You guys say you can run the .elf file from dashlaunch how exactly do you do this? when trying to specify a path to the mplayer it does not pick up the files so i cannot select them?
  9. Hi i tried to install the update to get the avatar and kinect settings, I've done it just how it is explained here, made sure that the "noupdate" setting in dashlaunch was disabled, i renamed the file to $$ystemUpdate and put it on the root of a Fat32 flash drive and put it in the xbox booted and i do not get any prompts to update it just goes straight to FSD , and i have the latest kernel running on my rgh. What could be the problem?
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