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  1. Really awesome update here guys. Truly very skilled coders!
  2. I can play on LiNK also, as can most of us. But when you see a room with 30 people in it and can find one game (if that) and then the games you do find only have one or two people in them... I think that may have to do with NAT. I think that is also why we have trouble finding each other. Not saying this is concrete though. But it would make sense. What I need to find out is if the people who host a game and it has a lot of players, if they have an Open NAT. Because they would be the ideal host. FWIW - I have a DD-WRT router and have messed with the settings (including now trying to enable DMZ and turn off the DashLaunch LiveBlock) but no luck so far, my NAT stays at Strict. Can people with Open NAT status please post their setup and what their current experience is in terms of how people they see, game availability, etc? Care to link to this? Didn't see that in this thread. Not in their release information or setup information. I think most of us are reading.....
  3. Did you also port forward 5060, 5061 & 3074? Also, check this page out : http://support.rocks...ne-connectivity According to Rockstar: Open NATs can connect to any of the three types. --> Probably the least common type Moderate can only connect to open and moderate. --> Probably the most common type Strict can ONLY connect to open. They also list what ports to fiddle with to try and get an Open NAT. I think this is the problem most of us are having when we try to find games to join.They also suggest enabling DMZ for the Xbox IP which turns off the firewall. May have to try that when I get home. You see, if most of us can only see a couple games then those are the games being hosted by people with an OPEN NAT. If more of us can get to have an open NAT then maybe we would have more games to join. Really hopping this can be a dashlaunch patch in the future to make the NAT always be open.
  4. NAT is Network Address Translation. Basically it is what makes your port forward work. They call it translation because you can translate the incoming port to the port it contacts your computer on as it passes though your router. You turn off NAT, you turn off all your port forwards, so that isn't a good idea If you read this: http://www.cainetwor...trict-open.html They say NAT status comes from the system doing a UDP check against three ports (5060, 5061 & 3074) . So theoretically you should be able to open those ports and everything work like magic. Well I did that and I still get the usual only seeing one or two rooms, if that. I do wonder if the DashLaunch Live block causes the NAT to show as Strict. But I am not going to risk testing that. My KV is still good and I may want to sell it some day to a lobby loser.
  5. I haven't seen my son in a few days, so it would seem this is working really well Just wanted to say thanks guys. We appreciate the hard work you put into this.
  6. Mattie or JPizzle - since FSD now customizes the home screen, should we all wait to update dashboards going forward until we hear from Team FSD? Any fear that M$ will try to disrupt this in future dash versions?
  7. Anyone else getting semi-random system reboots when they join a room?
  8. PEOPLE WITH PORT ISSUES: Go here: http://portforward.com/ Click in the upper left and select your router brand and model. On the next page click on Default Guide. It will walk you though how to forward ports. This works awesome. My son logged a few hours on BO2 last night and said he loved it. Thanks to the FSD team as always for this insanely cool addition.
  9. goes into your web browser. You are trying to access the web interface.
  10. Pretty sure JQE's servers are melting. Is anyone able to connect at this point? Getting port test failures and games are not working, and I am very familiar with forwarding ports. Manually forward or with UPNP on the router, both do not work. Time to let things settle down a bit. Thanks for the EPiC work here guys!
  11. Man, I love what you guys are cranking out. Link looks sick and this is awesome too! It really gets me excited since it seems like it may have us close to being able to inject code into the game in real time and toy with making "cheats". Hopefully coded to not work on Live, but to use trainers would be awesome. Oh well, off topic. Love this, love link, love the new coverflow. If I had a uterus I would have your babies.
  12. ZoomStop

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Thanks as always for the hard work guys. You guys are saints of the 360 scene. Release it when it's perfect,
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