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  1. Crashes after updating, After reboot hangs afer login.. needed to re-install rgh 1, falcon, kernel 2.0.16197.0 edit: read others fixed this by powering down their box for 2m, will try that edit2: does not work for me, eagerly awaiting new update ps: donated!
  2. simkin

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    I would not of course, bad example. Just wondering if it is depending on hosted services
  3. What seems to be the officer problem?

  4. simkin

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    I love the scene, the missing link! Some questions: Is it server depended (centralized) or will one of the consoles act as host and setup the peer to peer connections? If it requires some kind of server, will the server software be released as well? Will it work eg at a lan party with no internet access? (Christmas is coming to town!)
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