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  1. Gavin and RealMod Team, thank you all for your contribution and dedication to the scene! This worked like a charm for me... and this site's advice never fails as always.
  2. It's stuff like this that should calm the nerves of the entire scene. Patience grasshoppa, for the Phoenix will surely rise.
  3. c0z, RealModScene, Thank you for hanging with the scene and for hooking us up once again!!!
  4. Definitely requesting.... This is the one most anticipated TU for me.
  5. https://infinity.disney.com/news/4500/disney-infinity-3-0-latest-update Please, does anybody have this title update?
  6. As awkward as this is going to sound, its not one in the same. When Disney Infinity 3.0 boots up. It's splash screen displays a 3 digit number in the top left corner of the screen. This happens just before the opening screen displays. According to Disney Infinity support, this number indicates the title/patch update which brings the game to a more current version (much like Skyrim, DOA5, etc.). They released an update or two after May 19, 2016 to include the Marvel Battlegrounds playset as well as the Finding Dory and Alice in Wonderland playets... bringing the updated version to "3.0.0" Likewise, my Disney Infinity 3.0 currently says 1.0.2 in the top left. The characters and playsets won't work without the update, which originally required users to connect to xbox live to get a temporary update for these playsets and characters every time they powered on the game system. The latest update fixes this bug and makes this a permanent update.
  7. Hi, does anyone have the title update that patches Disney Infinity 3 to 3.0.0? English Language pack would be most appreciated as well. PLEASE if anyone can share this, it would be MOST APPRECIATED!
  8. I'm just content it works. Not only is it functional, but it works just as consistent as a non-modded console. The update comes when the update comes. Lets be honest. As long as we don't have to load every title update manually, we're not exactly pulling our hair out... and we have LiNK as well. I say take your time guys. That ensures we get a quality build. The masses run for their pitchforks the moment buggy software gets released... and we all know that's counter-productive.
  9. Title update #3 is corrupted (the short file name one). Keeps throwing the "this game has been updated to an incompatible version." Once deleted from the 4541090B/0000900 folder, it works again. I'm running 1603, on dash launch 307.
  10. lbc

    A little Wish.

    if your cat is brushing up on your box, you might wanna elevate it. Secondly, if its your drive sensor on the front of your xbox slim, that's not controlled by FSD. It is a touch / proximity sensor. It was made that way by Microsoft. If you're truly referring to your kinect sensor (with the camera lens on it), then disable it in your options on the xbox and only turn it on when you need it.
  11. lbc

    TeamFSD Forums

    Thanks so much for being persistent at the cause, guys. The entire scene is in your debt... and yes, where do we donate?
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