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  1. Reboot didn't help, reseting it would take a while, so I wrote him down how and what had been changed when we set up the router, but it takes time for him to do it as he works in 12 hour shifts, which makes it hard But all this pain will be gone i believe when he buys a new router, and changes his isp...Those men are the most ignorant barstards i've seen i na while
  2. hi again, im not sure if its OK, but we have a problem here. He did not have virtual servers opened for his xbox, so we did that, and allowed dmz host too. It did not help, but after a short while his router stopped allowing to connect to the internet. How's thaat possible? its a tp-link router. I have dmz and virtual server set up, and this did not affect my connectivity settings though...any help?
  3. Both of us have static ip set and pingpatch enabled. I am sure it has something to do with his provider, is a little local business i believe, so maybe they keep doing this, he keeps calling them for days, no luck. Thanks for the replies anyway
  4. Well, I'm not quite sure, but here's what did not help: we added a dmz host, did reset the port forwarding settings, browsed through the xbox settings, reinstalled Xex menu, updated dashlaunch...that's all so far, did not help. Could it be that his internet supplier messes with its ports? (Sometimes we can connect to each other, but it feels like he's blocked time after time without changing the settings)
  5. Hi Guys! Me and my buddy have been trying to play Diablo 3 RoS on system link, but something strange happens to him: He can join any room, but can't see my game. We tried public rooms, and I can see the others, but he can't. Why is that? Does it have something to do with torrent clients (Ports could be the same) Is it a known issue? Thanks for the replies!
  6. Pingpatch has been on since We first set up link, good idea though . Any other suggestions? Maybe something with aurora itself?
  7. Hi guys! I've been wondering if You'd let me know why am I getting the error message mentioned in the title on a daily basis? Just now for example. If it matters, I live in Europe, Hungary. And its not just me, all my buddies get the same thing... It's quiet disturbing when, after a long-long shift at work I just can't hit on a good GoW campaign or BL2 with them...
  8. OK, so sorry for the troubles, actually, the only thing I did not care about was: Aurora is yet to be a "final", therefore some glitches may appear...one of these were that, even if System link worked properly, the testing appeared to fail. So I was able to play system link the whole time, and after the first connect&play through Aurora - no lag, no nothing, superfast supercool experience by the way - It suddenly ran through the tests like a charm... A huge thumbs up for you guys, you really care about others. I had no similar experience for a while now You're s
  9. Back to the beginning...All verification steps succeed, exept for the broadcast and data port. I tried everything which came to my mind - static ip, wired/wireless connection, changed several router settings, nothing My question is: could it be a problem, that my data and broadcast port are the ones that were in the tutorials? 3072-3071 By the way, it there really no way to add a plugin/feature that does these things automatically? For the noobs' sake as me
  10. That WAS the problem...I Always found dashlaunch a little bit hard to use correctly...Thanks for the advice though, I nearly fell into a great depression for not being able to play a bit b4 my shift starts
  11. That would be the problem, So now i'm trying to install xex menu - the guys who i bought my rgh from missed that one - it wasn't needed they thought :S Thanks by the way, will post here if succeed
  12. OK, so now I'm quite in deep sh.t now...I have no ideo how, but suddenly my xbox won't boot into neither fsd or Aurora, only into xbox dashboard...Any solutions guys? Asap I mean.. :/
  13. Nope, net's passing throug notebook's internet sharing, previously it had no problem getting used to different ips...DMZ Host I used, I'l dive into the router though as soon as I'll have the time for it. Thanks though, good point there
  14. HI guys, not quite sure if this is the place to seek answers for my problem, but here i come: Me and my buddies started to play through Link only a few months ago, and now, as JQE stopped, I am unable to link my console through Aurora - earlier I had it done in FSD, now, It fails to find the open ports, Though nothing has changed in my router options. I was unable to find any solution, so I just had to ask: What am I doing wrong? Or Aurora is just not in the mood yet to let me play?
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