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  1. Thatd be nice. But im sure were on a diff timezone. Its 1030 pm right now and i would have work tomorrow. Id be free around 4 hrs earlier than this post tomorrow.
  2. Ok thanks.. If it doesnt work.. what else do you suggest i should do?
  3. Ive no friends with system link. Are you on it by any chance? so you can set it up for me.. if that isnt much trouble hehe
  4. UPDATE: I just tried joining a lobby with 4 users.. the lowest no of users in the lobby of COD right now.. still nothing
  5. That makes.. sense actually. cause I always go to the most number of people on the lobby.. I hope this works! Ill try when I get home from work.. I hope theres a lobby with just 1 person..
  6. Well thats great to hear.. but it has always been like that before.. every time i dont see any rooms in-game, that usually means the port tests are failed.. and thats always true when i was still playing on LINK. Anyway, why cant i see the rooms in-game then? (i can still join on the sytsem link menu when you press the xbox orb). What do you think I should do? I hope i really can get back to link..
  7. Im sorry but this post kinda stuck on me.. Did you just say its ok to have failed the test on the ports? Cause when you look at all the link support threads, they're always looking for a pass on those test. and thats mainly the indicator that link will work.
  8. Do you have a tutorial for that? And what vpn i should use? Sorry i have no idea on how to use vpn specifically for port forwarding.
  9. So having failed ports on the test will still allow you to join rooms and play with pther link users? Well no rooms are shown in-game. It has always been like that even before my isp changed. When ports are failed, u cant see the rooms. A free vpn wont suffice they say. Or im not sure how to setup vpn cause u cant install vpn to the xbox itself.
  10. So is that is that a yes or a no? besides the performance, what else is the difference? so does Hardline actually require an internal HDD? and its impossible to play with just an external?
  11. Ok i dont get it. So it works just like the USBMU trick of external HDD? Why do some multidisc games cant be played without internal? I mean gta v and alien worked with just transferring the disc 1 on the USBMU partition of the external hdd..
  12. I dont think im on the latest kernel. im on the one before the latest. I can play multi disc games with just my external hdd. like alien isolation and gta v.. But i wanna play Hardline.. and they say i cant play it without an internal hard drive.. so it got me thinking to just buy one... but will it be easier then? i dont wanna spend and have the same frustation when installing multi disc.
  13. If thats the case, its ok to have "fail" results on the ports part of the system link test? ANd why cant i see the rooms in-game when i go to system link? But i can join on the system link menu.
  14. The new releases of games nowadays are multi disc making it a pain in the ass to install on jtag esp when u have a 4gb xbox. Would buying an xbox internal drive be easier to install multi disc games?
  15. Ok that makes sense. If thats the case why do we have to forward ports in the first place? So i still have a chance? Cause im losing hope tbh.
  16. Well my router isnt upnp enabled.. lets assume it is.. will i still play games on link even if ports failed to be forwarded? ive read some forums that our isp really doesnt allow port forwarding anymore just this year cause they ran out of ip addresses.
  17. I wanna know some people who are experiencing the same issue with System Link
  18. any discussions you can link? i'll try to do it.. did they have the exact same issue? carrier grade nat too? cause ive been searching about solutions but theres none.. its just people complaining to the ISP.
  19. Turns out were under "carrier grade NAT" which makes it impossible to forward ports. SO THATS WHY ports are failing!! Its the ISP's fault!
  20. My ISP refreshed all their IPs and made them public. Making it impossible to forward ports. Is there a workaround for this? Requesting for a static ip on my ISP cause an awful lot of money per month!
  21. Oh i thought u were talking about the kernel.. Uhm yes im on the latest FSD. Unless til December theres a new update that i didnt know.. But yeah, im sure its not the fsd.. since i even tried the new Aurora.
  22. Is doing a hard reset completely reset my router? i thik theres a sealed button on the back but its sealed by my isp and they dont want me to do that. Anyway, i dont think it is ip conflicts.. i mean just a few devices connect to my wifi. and sometimes i even make sure no one is using the wifi when i use system link. Wait.. is upnp different with port forwarding? I dont think im on the latest kernel.. but it was always working before.. Yes, i tried Aurora but still no pass.
  23. Ive been playing on Link seamlessly before. Some failed ports a few times so i have to switch but i can get back to it at no time. But on december, it went completely down on me. I made this thread on April: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5139-help-me-get-back-on-system-link/ Im just wondering if there are new changes? Maybe i have to update for link to work? Also, i think updating wont even work so the only option now here is buy a new router. Do you think that would do it? Maybe i should buy a popular router. Maybe something with UPNP support? DO you think that would work? What brand do u recommend?
  24. Possible. I think its not even new. Its an Aztech router.
  25. Hmm maybe i should try something ive never used before. Like 9000 and 9001? Maybe some app is using the ports ive been using.. I hope thats just the cause.
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