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  1. well,xebuild gui 2.095 and dashlaunch 3.14 were released.
  2. well,at least i don't see one.
  3. no,i mean the anti-ban spoof tools.
  4. well,this is interesting.and you know,there aren't any spoof tools for xbox360,so who try to go online with a jtag/rgh xbox360 will be banned shortly.
  5. it seems you finally change your mind.excellent!
  6. indeed,dashlaunch is still required,however,unofficial dashlaunch also can make people go online.I don't actually use one,but with replies of some threads,you can know that people already can go online without the official dashlaunch,and some of them get banned.
  7. well,the new official dashlaunch isn't important to those people who want to go online with jtag/rgh consoles anymore.now,kv becomes the important thing.of course,you can still hold it back,but in fact,it becomes useless.anyway,it isn't important now,at least for me.
  8. well,i just want to find a newer version.both of 21256.0/21256.3 were uploaded by people before,and unfortunately the two only links are dead.
  9. i tried,but the only mega link is down.and i searched all the internet.nothing.these files are nowhere to find.
  10. well,as you wish.by the way,i'm looking for sdk 21256.0 or 21256.3,if you can tell me where can find these things,i will be very grateful.
  11. well,guys,I think you really need to stop asking.first,he won't give us the new dashlaunch.because he thinks new games don't need the newest dashboard.or you want to go online with jtag/rgh,then you will be marked as "an idiot".anyway,he won't change his mind for 100%,no matter what you say.second,if you keep asking him,and make him annoyed,he maybe stop sharing the new dashlaunch comeletely.then you will be blamed by other people.
  12. funny.of course you won't change your mind.and all of us shouldn't say anything about this again,or if you really stop sharing these softwares,then we will be blamed by other people.we can't afford this.well then,do as you see fit.
  13. have to say delay the release of these awesome softwares(xebuild,dashlaunch) just because of xbls is no needed.without new dashlaunch,some hackers still can go online to mess with other people,and some lt3.0 users can do this too.new system update may be unnecessary to most jtag/rgh users,but a update is a update.these updates usually fix some bugs.and in the past,new version tools were always released very soon.so why not make things back to normal?those people who use jtag/rgh to go online,they will be punished eventually.
  14. well,looks like i'm wrong.so it isn't possible even with fakelive?this is too bad.of course ie for xbox isn't useful.but I think it's fun.
  15. yeah,i know this situation,but i think this 16756 is special.it removes some gold member requriments.so i wonder we can use internet explorer on jtag/rgh now?well,i'm unclear about this.and i don't know how that internet explorer works.
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