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  1. Hi, I think the problem of the aurora crash is gone today for me...Thank you alot.
  2. Greetings, I had my aurora crashed while i was downloading assets for new games i have added to the hard drive ....... i deleted it and installed a new one but it still the same problem .... upper wright corner keeps saying downloading and repeatedly pumps up the crashed window.... any help? Thanks.
  3. There is no VPN option in the router.....I have searched how to add a VPN option to my router and I found that u must set a hacked firmware to the router to add VPN......it is not reliable because it causes many problems to the router and may break it down......anyway, I have asked ISP why they blocked the ports and they said "because of the hackers" ?? I didn't understand anything from these bastards! anyway Thanks Swizzy.
  4. Hi, The ISP (Earthlink tele) has closed all ports in Iraq....and now all the ports are closed and this is a serious problem because i can't play LiNK anymore!!....I have tried wired network to my laptop and by using VPN the ip address shown up but JQE Server doesn't response and also the ports still closed....... is there any solution?? or am i have to say goodbye to LiNK??? any suggestions? Please help!!! Thanks.
  5. u mean i have to reupdate my console? with ticking that option?
  6. ok after i know my model....how can i extract patch "nofcrt?
  7. Yesterday my xbox 360 was reading games without any problem...But today after i updated the xbox with Xebiuld GUI to the latest dashboard it doesn't play games any more on my xbox 360 slim... any suggestions? thanks.
  8. IP: City: baghdad Country: Iraq ISP: earthlink ltd. communications & internet services thanks
  9. Iraq, TP LINK Model No. TL-WR1043N / TL-WR1043ND, Thanks
  10. If system link works fine with me soon as u say....i'll donate for sure> راح اتبرع للموقع علمود التكالي٠مال الاستضاÙØ©.
  11. God DAMN IT!!.......UPnP also fuckin' says Not FOUND....I'm gonna break that shit router!!!!!??????
  12. I called my friend and he told that he's having the same problem! all ports failed and hosts don't show up!.....his router is almost same as mine TP link Model No. TL-WR1043N / TL-WR1043ND...ok then what shall i do now?? buy another router or what?? Thank u man for your replys .
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