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  1. Sorry if I don't understand let's say I download the new freestyle dash I put it on USB scan it and then enable beta update because I seen pepole using xex menu And they had huff and I didn't so...... Yea
  2. I got freestyle 3 installed on the onboardmu can I take it and transfer it to my USB plus will it kinda break it and one more thing the beta update says this "could not download descreption
  3. i dont understand much about jtag and rgh and so i wanted to ask how i update my freestyle 3 apperntly the beta update in settings does not work and i tryed getting manuly and sayd i need a hdd for it to work and in xex menu i found only flash and the usb i tryed using to transfer the new update any way to solve this? the freestyle 3 is in OnBoardMu
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