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  1. thanx it works ( of course)
  2. hello, i haven some new games, southpark , thief and mgs ground zero. southpark and thief doesnt show up in the playgame list, but mgs does. i have unpacked the southpark and thief game with iso2god, mgs with xbox image browser. I dont know what the problem is for now.
  3. the homebrew and games are in the same list, i mean, for example i want the cover for XM360, but it doesnt show up. what is the correct setting for scan depth? How can i do manually adding cover art? Sorry but i'm not that smart because i'm recently having my xbox360 back and trying stuff
  4. hello, im trying to get homebrew covers from JQE360, but they dont show up in the xbox360, externel hd. The other covers, for the games, are showing up so its working, but not with the homebrews. And another question, i had made an cover and upload it to JQE360, that was 2 days ago. When does it show up? Greetings, eric
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