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  1. Outdid yourself on this version DM. Excellent job!! Thank you very much. No issues with install, looks great. Keep it up.
  2. At the bottom of his first post, right below the ss's.
  3. Didn't think you could improve upon your last version, but WOW! Thanks for the work DM.
  4. Settings/Plugin Settings Just updated without any issues. Thanks for all the work guys.
  5. Thanks JP. Got it. Sorry for being a noob, but got a little confused between the tut and following the posts.
  6. I've updated successfully to the new beta and want to use FSD's mulitdisc plugin to get rid of multiple game covers in the game menu. I've disabled dashluanch's auto swap by adding autoswap = false to the launch.ini. I have not found a swap.xex or any other file mentioned in this tut. What do I need to do to get rid of the multiple covers?
  7. Thought I'd read in this thread that after updating to F3 and LINK there was a minor issue with lag while scrolling through your games in the Xbox 360 Games tab. I experienced it under the default skin. After scrolling quickly thru 15 or so games, lag would hit. Not much, but noticeable. I just installed a custom skin, http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/774-f3-rev483-the-dream-theme-v2-skin/ and the lag issue has disappeared. Could it be that the default skin was causing the lag? Or is it just coincidence?
  8. Dude, awesome work. Like all of the layout options you included under the Xbox 360 Games tab. Edit - Too many choices!! I'm going to be here forever trying to decide!! Bastard! j/k Great work bud.
  9. Thanks JP, appreciated. Starting to get into my FSD more now, learning. Pretty nice site at JQE360 also. Might just have to throw some cash your way.
  10. First I want to thank the Devs for F3 and LINK. Awesome work. In the tut we were told to revert to the default skin or else F3 would freeze up. After successfully Installing the LINK update, is it safe to use custom skins again? A search of this topic returned zero results for an answer.
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