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  1. Yeah! I did it! Thanx dudes! I updated my kernel, installed xex, from xex I installed dashlaunch and reïnstalled FSD 3.0 The only thing now is that every time on start up F3 crashes but I continue anyway. Probably a small thing, so I'll worry about that later
  2. phew, thanx a whole lot dude! it worked like a charm... problem now is that FSD 3 is crashing every time looks like I have to do a new install now I feel like I'm getting somewhere
  3. thanx for the tip, there just a little problem... How do I start up the dashlaunch installer? I have no access to the default.xex (or so it would seem) (the update didn't work on any of the ways I've tried, but my kinect is fully functioning. Looks like I don't need the update.............
  4. Before I can say anything, I have to say thanx to the whole community! I am deeply thankful for all your hard work... Here's the thing, I found out my kernel number was outdated, so I decided to follow all the steps above. I succesfully flashed my Nand, ands the kernel number now is the 16197. Yay, succes... The only problem is that now my box doesn't start up with Freestyledash (3) so I can't play games... Can anyone help me? That would really be great... The xell (reloaded) menu tries to fix things, but to no avail. Also, MS is getting sneakier. They said that I needed an update for my Kinect, and that I had to connect to xboxLive to download it...
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