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  1. Hello guys...Its a headache. I tried everything in this forum and even in other forums too. But the update pop up wont come out. it's very frustrating. Im on kernel 2.0.16537.0 and im running freestyle 3 dashboard.. im trying to update the kinect and my avatar..but up till today i couldnt find any solution. i've checked the update file and it matches the kernal. i tried updating through the metro dashboard by holding the RB button once i turn on the console. I even tried going into DashLauncher while the USB sticked into the console.. the usb was already formatted to FAT32... and yes.. i did plugged in the kinect all the time i was doing all this. None of the above works. Please guys.. Help me :hmm: Ps; but i do notice that if i access the metro dash using the RB button...there's no notification of the usb has been plugged in or out. however if i load up the f3 first and then use the home button (y button then quickly hold RB), it does give a notification..both if i plugged in n out the usb...thats weird.
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