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  1. Hi, Problem is solved after setting signnotice to false. Logout and login from DL/FSD working perfectly Many thanks for your effort Regards Michal, Poland
  2. Hi, Thanks for Your reply I checked mentioned problem also without FSD - only clean, glitched image 16537 + DL created with JRunner - with the same effect - it hangs up when i try to logout any logged profile in KS, KS2 . Both games in GOD format launched direct from M$ NXE and its XEX versions from M$ NXE+XexMenu 1.2 Below is my launch.ini (HDD1) Michal [Paths] BUT_A = BUT_B = BUT_X = Hdd:Content0000000000000000C0DE999900080000C0DE99990F586558 BUT_Y = Start = Sfc:dash.xex Back = Hdd:FSDPolish.xex LBump = RThumb = LThumb = Default = Hdd:FSDPolish.xex Guide = Power = Configapp = Fakeanim = Dumpfile = [Plugins] plugin1 = plugin2 = plugin3 = plugin4 = plugin5 = [Externals] ftpserv = false ftpport = 21 updserv = false calaunch = false fahrenheit = false [settings] nxemini = false pingpatch = false contpatch = false fatalfreeze = false fatalreboot = false safereboot = true regionspoof = false region = 0x7fff dvdexitdash = false xblaexitdash = false nosysexit = false nohud = false noupdater = true debugout = true exchandler = true liveblock = true livestrong = true remotenxe = false hddalive = false hddtimer = 210 signnotice = true autoshut = false autooff = true xhttp = true tempbcast = false temptime = 10 tempport = 7030 sockpatch = false passlaunch = false fakelive = false nonetstore = true shuttemps = false devprof = false devlink = false autoswap = false nohealth = true nooobe = true autofake = false
  3. Hi, At the beginning many thanks for marvelous tools like DL, XeBuild and so on I have a weird problem with DashLaunch described below My Xbox is Trinity, 16537 Dash with DL 3.10 + FSD 3 rev 775 (newest one) When launching Kinect Sports (4D5309C9) and Kinect Sports Season Two (4D5309D6) games with FSD 3 rev 775 (launched as default from DL 3.10) i have a big problem with a logout profile function. I have 8 local offline profiles on HDD. When the main profile and additional three ones are selected (logged) everything is OK. But when I select the logout function (for selecting other players) the console hangs up and then only the shutdown via the power button (on console) is working (with delay) When i uninstall/unload DL or create new dash from JR without DL, everything is OK (logon/logout/profile manipulation). The problem with logout is ONLY with DL (above few versions) active. I think so this is not a games fault (of course i applied proper TU for it), I checked also Ultimate version of Kinect Sports, DL 3.07, 3.08, 3.09, 3.10. I converted ISO to both GOD (launched from FSD/NXE) and XEX (launched from FSD/XexMenu) formats and still a logout function hangs up Xbox. My only "workaround" is exit to NXE, logout unwanted profiles, and after that in-game login - login always works with or without DL but logout (from Kinect Sports games) unfortunately not... I've discovered this problem only on mentioned games (KS, KS2), but maybe more games are affected too... Maybe it's a small DL bug or some simple solution for above - many thanks for any kind of help Regards Michal, Poland
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