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  1. To manually add cover art 1. make sure your xbox is on the fsd dashboard 2. Type your xbox's ip address into your web browser 3. You should see the page load. You user and pass should be in FSD settings. I believe f3http is the default. I could be wrong. 4. Find the game or application you want. click on it and save your covers/images.
  2. Most emulators barely work... where did you get that? I can run just about everything from my xbox although my pc is prefered and to find roms. lol well your just not searching in the right place my man, it's VERY easy to find. Also dashlaunch is built into xebuild. So if you just move the launch.ini you usually use into the xebuild folder by the gui not in the files. it will automatically add dashlaunch into your nand and it should work like a charm. I used it and I load right into fsd like usual.
  3. Put your launch.ini you normally use in the xebuild folder by the xebuild gui not in the files folder. (that will automatically write your launch.ini to the nand) As the xebuild you downloaded should already have dashlaunch built in. You can go to the top right and choose edit launch.ini and it should pop up all the info from the launch.ini you previously put into the xebuild folder.
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