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  1. I need help with cod ghosts plz it is asking to connect to live to download required content on my jtag. This only happens when I use tu14 which I can only use DLC 3 on tu14
  2. I followed ur steps i put my launch.ini where the xebuild one was then updated nand and included dashlaunch.Nexy i flashed nand and deleted dashlaunch 3.10.Then moved new launch.ini to root of hdd and installed avatar updates.sadly it did not work also what did u use to edit launch.ini.Last i saw the launch.ini was never modified, the time was still same as when i got it off my jtag.
  3. I got xebuild from https://mega.co.nz/#!8BlGxZTZ!dUoNm3nd04f89QkI7bJEm2ShzR0uAUbi_wO7jL2Xqhk and add Dashlaunch to my NAND then updated NAND.Next I edit the xebuild launch.ini to my liking an put on root of hdd.Last I rebooted my jtag, loaded fsd and tried to connect Xbox 360 neighborhood but it could not find jtag.If anyone knows what I did wrong/how to fix this post on this thread or skype me at: spartan_s17
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