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  1. fixed it had to reset my password twice and reset api then it worked Thansk swizzy for the fast responce mate.
  2. I have the same problem i get a error when trying to get the api key. I can log in on the website but just not on the xbox. Very strange, i have also deleted the ini file and then set it to aurora in dashlaunch.
  3. jigbim just put you straight. This is great news indeed for the scene
  4. Works fine for me thank you
  5. re instaled fsd 3 and did the update again and worked. Great suff said it was a big my end . Realy nice how you see temps in the blades. Thanks Team FSD
  6. Updates failed for some reason and i can not boot fsd. The .xex says old delete me or something like that. Im reinstalling now will try and install again. I dont have any custom skins or anything. Maybe just a glitch my end
  7. What can you say ? blown away? Im just speechless, what would you expect from FSD. You guys should have the moto " To infinity And Beyone". Thanks for this great relese
  8. Im using FTP at the min and tried to and could not connect. Is this because im using FTP? Just wanted a butchers while i was waiting
  9. Thanks im using the same provider and router. Tested and works great
  10. Looks great and simple to yse
  11. This is what im waiting for, my 1071 drive the pcb died. I have to rgh it for the key and then this pcb. Its been two weeks since this relesed video, hope its not long of production
  12. Great tool thanks, just used it and was impressed.
  13. This is just awsome i am lost for words. This is what the scene needed for the ultimate experiance. Well done guys
  14. shame i have a cech3002B console that cant be downgraded :/
  15. video gives nothing away, im so intregued now. Alittle gutted i only just found this site
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