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  1. mophead


    no i believe its an online game only
  2. i use firefox my self, you may need to register on the site before you can visit that page
  3. try here and install it with 360content manager or via FTP if you are unable to get it threw jqe360.
  4. I am asuming your console is already glitched so start your console using the eject button (default option on install) to start Xell Reloaded and after a few moment you will be presented with your CPU and DVD keys, take a photo of this with your phone or other capture device and also write it down. it should look something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZv1wfmp_RY but please do NOT do anything untill you are confident with the task at hand.
  5. yes your console is RGH2 but as Raja has sugested, If you dont know anything about your console i would do alot of research first before you update or ask someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you so that you do not kill your console. before you do anything make sure you have at least TWO OR MORE good clean nand dumps in a safe place and you CPU key to revive your console if needed. also with the corona you may need the nand read/write kit please do your research first and identifi your corona version and the parts installed on the board, and resistors bridged etc before you start.
  6. Hi ALL slims are RGH2 my friend, The JTAG was for the PHATS ONLY with kernals between 2.0.4532 and 2.0.7371.
  7. got my TU10 from here and used content manager 3.0 from here to upoad to the console... job done hope this helps
  8. is it not cheaper to get a second hand 360 wifi adapter for 39.79 than it is 795-1193 Real on a laptop ?? i know it will not answer your original question but it is the cheap and easy alternative to your probems
  9. mophead

    COD : Ghosts TU 7

    well you have the choice of about 3 i got mine from here NTSC,PAL and Region Free unless u need the NTSC-U version that will mean quit a few attempts if u dont know ur media ID, worst case try them all, i just downloaded the region free one for my console and used Content Manager v3.0 to upload it to my 360 then my TU7 update worked fine as the Auto update always said i was not using any (zero) even though TU7 was selected and active (even though i had deleted all previous TU's and re scanned system). try the info above in the previous post first though, works for most just didn't for me this is how i ended up doing it.
  10. check your soldering on your glitch install and visit the forums for the vender of your chip for help, i would imagin thats the problem, its not FSD refusing to start it looks like your console isnt even glitching so it will be hardware related my friend.
  11. like it , thank your for this one sir 07
  12. welcome back and ooohhhh lovin the skins thank you muchley ill try them all....cheers
  13. have you done ANY research on this at all ?? there are countless posts about setting up system link in these forums , a little searching and reading will answer your questions my friend. the first link in the forums under the TUTS section can be found here and it has a very helpful guide to setting up link and using it, also includes PICTURES lol. as for your TU update ... in FSD3 in the games menu if you select the game you require to update and then the options button you will be able to select manage title updates. From there it will display all updates available and you can then download the latest update and set it active, all done without having the need to say where you need it to go. hope this helps.
  14. is it not the same ??? if you NAS drive is networked mapped and your folder within your NAS drive shared in windows ?
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