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  1. oh good point thx anyway i really dont use trainer any way
  2. thx but do you know any trainers that i can use when plaing on link? IF you know plz tell me its hard to find one thx
  3. I want to know that in link playing black ops 2 many people are having dlc camos and i want to know where can i get one working on LINK thx
  4. does anyone else with advanced warfare with the supremacy dlc have exo zombies even open and work
  5. yeah i have all the compability pack and have all dlc i cant even open zombies without an error and i seen on xbox360iso.com other people have this issue plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hello I had a problem when i downloaded supremacy dlc for advanced warfare, when i click multiplayer it loads up and the mp maps work fine However when i chose exo zombies it say searching for new content and said i have to install something so i can even open zombies to play carrier i even download the compability pack 4 and map pack 3 the both season passes and the tu was from freestyle please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx
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