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  1. effin aewsome tutorial, im by far a very motivated newb-who loves learning and loves the fact you are helping me learn...very easy to follow and very much apprecieated>>>thankyou so very much cheers mate !!!
  2. Hello, Thanks for the awesome tut, I have a question as Im new to the scene I have a RGH1 Jasper which I purchased, and is updated to the 16202 kernel with the FSD 2.2 and Ive also installed the $systemupdate, If I do the FSD3 Installer will I need to do the $systemupdate again? and also on the download link in the commens it says no to install over existing FSD ....Do I need to uninstall FSD2.2 first ? Im sorry for the noobish questions, and I really appreciate all replies. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all
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