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  1. PiXeLbLue230

    GTA V

    got it working m8 .... use fake live in dashlauch
  2. PiXeLbLue230

    GTA V

    HI Can any one help as GTA V keeps freezing on the loading screen ?? Any Ideas ??I have the lastest dash and dashlaunch plus latest FSD ??Im stumped Thanks for any help
  3. Thanks for the tut If it wasn't easy before it dam well is now Thanks to them guys and girls for all there hard work Will be sending gifts soon
  4. Im sorry but if you dont know who DarkMurf is then you need to do a lot more good reading of the site or just the FSD scene !
  5. Wow great job this look very sick I need to jump on the bandwagon and start my own skins
  6. You just made my new year LOL to all the sellers on ebay that are charging £80 + for the drives .....
  7. Nice thanks for the info and links
  8. The Boom !!!! Going to enjoy this like the 1st time i jtagged my xbox in 2009 Top work guys
  9. Great bit of homebrew Been making some of my own boot clips .... This is what i have come up with hXXp://www.youtube.com/user/pixelblue230?feature=mhee This is a link to my Utube if you would like to view Im a n00b at this Thanks Again.
  10. This is going to be Awesome .... You guys just keep getting better
  11. Great item guys ..... Can't wait till we can network with it Thanks for all your hard work
  12. Yes done it myself Thanks i checked there before posting and couldn't see anything to help ?? will look again with my eyes open
  13. Hi All, I have been using my best friend Google and have still not found what i'm looking for (For the wize guys ) I have always just avoid the 2disc games as i didn't know how to install them to work but the time has come where you need to take a new path in life and on this day at this time this is the way i am going ..... I'm using the New F3 ( Great work by the way, loving it) and can still not get 2 disc games to work ?? I don't class myself as a n00b as i know the in's and out's of most console stuff and have done a lot of modding work on the scene .. BUT I'm a n00b when it come to this little hiccup .... My Path for 2 disc games are : USB:\Xbox 360 Games\Medal of Honor Warfighter\DISC 1\DISC 2 Now i know this don't work or i would not be posting here Any help would be great as i have itched my head so much my brain is showing Thanks PiXeLbLuE230 (By the way i posted a picture of my jtag im using My Gears Of War Model One .. I like it )
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