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  1. Thanks, I'll try to play with the filters. No way to lock Aurora, right?
  2. Great to see a passcode in the Aurora 0.6b. Now my kids won't mess out with the settings etc. Can I use a passcode to prevent them from playing (some or all game)? Or simply lock the system? Thanks!
  3. Looks like a great tool! Thanks! I'm connected to the xbox 360 - when I click on "test connection" I get: "connection to aurora revision 1025 established..." But when I click on "get available assets", the tool is working ("please wait...." etc.) but then I get: "there was an error, check error.log for more information..." In the log there's something about "System.Data.SQLite.dll". What is that? Thanks! ***************** Edit: Never mind. I figured it out - I needed Microsoft Visual C++
  4. I love it! Great skin customization options! One thing I couldn't do that I see in the video... How can I see the weather? I set up my city and I get the weather, but couldn't get the widget to pop up. Thx!
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