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  1. i have a falcon and its summer. Mine are up there but i wouldnt worry about your posted temps.
  2. stupid question if i have the newest kernal this wont work right? if yes no problem i will be patient and wait. I finally got time to update my box and get avatars and dlcs working. Its been a productive day thus far.
  3. thanks boss this guide was helpful for showing the screenshot the second one i had and was worried till i read your guide.
  4. pizzle to get that dirty game to work for me i just iso2god and removed the old launch. Are you saying with this update we just install and were good can anyone confirm that mulitplayer with bots works too?
  5. xlink is troublesome this would be pretty neat to see in action.
  6. cool idea strider. i tested snes and sega both work great
  7. @hotwingz75 Its not super difficult just be patient. put xebuild on your puter dump your nand and key to your flash drive and rebuid your nand with xebuild youtube has some great videos.
  8. i didnt have any problems set mine up this past weekend
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