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    Can I get game updates with FSD?

    Awesome thank you. Couldn't figure out how to do the modified FSD but I got Aurora and it is very simple to use!
  2. You don't have any problems with it saving midgame in co-op in Combat Evolved: Anniversary? If my wife and I play a level and complete it, it will save that we completed it. But if we are playing a map and get halfway threw and after a checkpoint we hit start and quit, when we select that level again it says "Start level" and starts us at the very begining again. Not at a checkpoint we stopped at. When I do single player and stop then click on it again it says "continue." When I launch the game it says I am using the 2nd title update. What update are you using so I can try running the same and see if it fixes my problem?
  3. I thought Halo would be easy to find but so far I have come up flat. It seems Combat Evolved Anniversary and the original Combat Evolved no one cares about. It took me a couple days of searching to find a original Combat Evolved version to download online. My wife and I love Halo and wanted to play threw them together but Combat Evolved Anniversary doesn't save co-op checkpoints for some reason so I looked for the original version to download since I know it does allow co-op checkpoint saves. I haven't found a single website that has Combat Evolved Anniversary updates past #2 (Which Aurora already has) but that TU didn't fix making co-op saves work so I am forced to try to find the updates for Combat Evolved Anniversary online, stick to playing the original 12 year old version, or finding an xbox to download the TUs on using my original disk then trying to copy them over.
  4. Awesome thank you very much. After I get this file I will see where to upload it to on here
  5. I have the real game, Just an Xbox with Live blocked. If I give it to a friend where will it download the TU and how do I get it off of the Xbox?
  6. I was told there was a new TU for halo CE Anniversary. I went to play it and the Aurora downloaded one of the TU but it is not the newest one I am told. Is there a way I can somehow manually get the newest one?
  7. nuke21

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    So I got it to work, thanks felida and Swizzy. So what I did was drag each file seperatly to a folder on my desktop. When it came to the duplicates, Windows asked if I wanted to merge the files and I said "Yes" each time that poped up. This worked when I put it on my USB and I am now running Aurora. I don't know why WinRAR was showing these duplicate files or why they each had half of the information in them but when I would just click "Extract to" at the top it would just pick one of the files and not do both together so copying one at a time and having it merge them worked. This is probably a bug with WinRAR so I will probably switch over to 7zip from now on.
  8. nuke21

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    This is what I see when I open the RAR. I have no idea why it is doing this for me
  9. nuke21

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    I went to file manager in FSD and clicked on the aurora.xex under my USB0 and same problem happened. I tried coping it over to my HDD using File Transfer from FSD and also on XEXMenu. Same problem. I have dashlaunch updated to latest version along with FSD. One thing I noticed is when I open the downloaded Aurora_0.6b rar file, it shows multiples of the same file. There are 2 content files, 2 image files, 2 script files etc. Multiple ones. I am wondering if somehow this is making the wrong file get coppied over when I extract the RAR. I do not know what version the official 360 dash currently is, but I doubt that had anything to do with this aurora problem.
  10. nuke21

    Aurora 0.6b by Phoenix

    When I click on the aurora.xex it takes me to a black screen and I sit there for 5 seconds then it reloads FSD. No picture or nothing. I then changed my default path using DL and I changed default to aurora.xex which is under my HDD and it will sit at black screen forever. I imagine it is just reloading the black screen over and over again. Any insight or direction would be much appreciated!
  11. nuke21

    Can I get game updates with FSD?

    My 360 is banned from XBox Live I was told when I got it. I would like to download the updates from somewhere but I don't know where to go to find them :/ Will Aurora allow me to download the updates somehow?
  12. nuke21

    Can I get game updates with FSD?

    I bought Halo Anniversary because I loved the series and wanted to support them. I hate that I did this now. I installed it to my HD so I don't have to worry about always going for the disk since I use my Xbox for movies. I started playing co-op with my girlfriend only to find out it does not save progress in a level. I read online it is a known problem, and I assume they have a fix for it now but I need to know how to get ahold of the updates if possible. It is sad when a company remasters a game and doesn't even play the damn game to see if it works as it should. Anyways, sorry for the rant. I am just wondering if there is a way I can get the updated/downloadable stuff for the game like if I didn't have a hacked xbox and was able to connect to Xbox live.
  13. nuke21

    How to remove FSD launch words?

    I was told to open the splashscreen.xur and delete file XuiElement and that should do it. Problem is, I don't know how to open it. I was told to use an Ui Tool and I Googled for one and downloaded it but it keeps asking for fonts and then says it cant load the splashscreen.xur file. I am so confused. I have my entire FSD skin perfectly set up except for this one detail. Please help. Edit: I use the splash.dds for my load image.