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  1. Egooo

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    All this no work and you can not do anything
  2. Egooo

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    hello often a problem for a photo moreover, do not see anything but you can see how to get rid of
  3. Because instead of just mix had to come up with something else and now we do not have problems with TU
  4. I have to admit that since the launch are the same problems it does not work despite the fact that everywhere I pass Shit and nothing more
  5. I got the original skinhead work but it does not work LINK FUCK , I have everything to pass, I see the rooms but can not connect
  6. I can not go on the x over the web all the time I crash fsd question about port 21 not 9999
  7. You can only create one room per hour, please try back later WTF !?!?!?!? I do not make New Room's and even then I can not do anything I can not connect even though there is a game , I can see the game rooms and people, but you can not get hooked
  8. Egooo

    TeamFSD Presents LiNK

    Great news!!! I'd love to be a beta tester too
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