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  1. i disabling FakeLive works ! Sorry my bad (i dont save dashlaunch options i chance )
  2. i do all things you write i still reset console
  3. Halo: Spartan Assault XBLA not working on this dashlaunch slim rgh2 trinity (dash 16547,dl 3.11 fsd 3.775)sorry for my bad english(im from poland)
  4. Pod tym linkiem masz wszystko napisane jak co i gdzie http://xboxforum.pl/artykuly-196/tutorial-jtag-rgh-poradnik-uzytkownika-v1-7-a-145552/
  5. This is my favorite skin Any plans to update to the current FSD version735
  6. look nice congrats!!!!!!!!!
  7. I just Updated to new revision and after cold reboot everything works GREAT. I see File Browser in miniblades and i can connect to LINK with no problem. Screenshot hot key works fine. Web plugin works good.RSS -LOL weather - ok Thank you for your hard work.
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