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  1. Is there any chance its not the chip and its the nand or something?
  2. Theres no way of opening the Slim Xbox without a torx screwdriver?
  3. Coolrunner xecuter. I would not think bad chip/wiring. Ive had it for around 3 years now with no problems till now
  4. I had a set of Torx screwdrivers, but they got lost when I move house, So i'm unable to open the xbox at this point in time. It wasn't me who installed the chip, It was done for me, but by a very reputable dealer. I would have assumed that if it were a chip/soldering issue it wouldnt work flat out as opposed to occasionally? Or does this sound like a fairly typical soldering issue?
  5. Hi guys, I'm usually pretty savvy at fixing these problems myself but I've been searching forums for days looking for a solution that works for me and nothing! So any help is much appreciated. The problem is as follows, My JTAG RGH (SLIM) turns on but will not boot. It won't boot with HDMI or any other input. The green light goes on, and the cool runner red light is on, but it won't kick in and start the bloody thing. Booting into Xell won't work. Weirdly for some reason every now and then the xbox will boot and run properly. I have tried so hard to understand why, but it seems to just decide to work sometimes. Originally I assumed the xbox was broken and left it for months in storage, then one day plugged it back in, and for a short while much to my surprise it worked. My power brick and supply seems to be healthy. I try with and without internal HDD and external HDD yet it seems to have no effect. It truly seems a miraculous occurrence that it works very occasionally, but i would love to understand why and fix it. Thanks.
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