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  1. Hello, I've updated the console, dashlaunch, reinstalled the aurora, factory reset the router, and still not get it to work, any ideas?

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  2. nat is open, I checked, I opened the DMZ, rebooted the router ... as I've ever had. Probare to update the console to see what happens.

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  3. Let me enter the room after several attempts, I can even join the game, but after 5 minutes of play fails the connection, I'm the host of the game or I have connected to the departure of another person, the question is that lasted no more than 5 minutes playing. I tried several games and it happens all the same. He would be settled updating the dashboard and dashlaunch?

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  4. my router will not let me enable upnp, only DMZ. so I take eight months and has never given problems so far. I have also reinstalled the aurora but nothing ...

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  5. Hello, up 8 months ago LINK played perfectly for 2 days but the ports are closed and there is no way to open them, I rebooted the router and everything but nothing, I have the DMZ enabled and nothing. My dashlaunch is 3.11 and the dash is something old but had never had problems because of that. It can be? Thanks

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  6. Call my IPS and told them I had several problems Connection (obviously lying to them) so they told me they were going to reset the router from there, and since they did go perfectly

  7. And how to fix it? and as you may have never had any problems so far with my ISP? My connection is 200MB / s down and 10MB / s upload speed so that it is not. And most of the friends I play with myself IPS and have no problems, what I can do?


    Edit: finally solved

  8. my console already have static IP since in automatic does not work, and I have DMZ enabled so there is no problem with the ports, and even so I have changed both the IP and ports and the result is the same.

  9. Hello, since update to the latest dash 16547 when using LINK do not work, I can only play occasionally with some host in call of duty ghost but most of the time I can not stay with my friends to play lost planet 2 , borderlands, etc and never get to connect with them. I have the latest rev FSD 775, last dashlaunch 3.11




    as you see everything is fine, but no way to connect with friends, sometimes alone delivery and very rarely, I say we play with the same TU, same version of the game, etc. ..I've also removed the freestyleplugin.xex and I downloaded the update from the FSD but does not work and all this has happened since I've updated dash before played everything perfectly, just in case I returned to reflash the nand, but neither has been fixed so, what can I do?

  10. It is impossible, I can not get it, I tried in every way but I have no success. I connect my xbox360 via internet connection sharing with my laptop, I can not otherwise by architectural barriers. I have opened the ports for console ip and I activated the DMZ in case and nothing, I attached a picture here, please help, I've tried everything:

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