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  1. I havent tried it in a while, may have to update the file not to sure. But if that's the case I will be sure to post it or if anyone else feels the need before me.
  2. This is my video, I will be making an update soon when I have the time, but with this information provided in the video it shouldn't be to hard to figure out in the meantime.
  3. Glad to see its being worked on, hope to see great things
  4. Works just fine for me, maybe try reinstalling it and see if that fixes the issue.
  5. I beg to differ. I have flashed many drives without any of that. Placed the xbox close to my pc and hooked it up to the dvd drive and flashed away. Didnt spend a penny.
  6. I thought they were done for good?
  7. Any chance for us to be able to play halo 2 using link in this upcoming release?
  8. It should be a very very high priority sir! lol jk but yes I agree, it will take time I guess. Maybe sometime in the near future
  9. Well team xecuter site is down for the moment and I also cant connect to this forums irc... sooooo whats going on here??? Is it just me or is it not letting me connect for a reason..
  10. any word on stuff for this kinda thingy? halo 2 on LINK would be fantastic sir
  11. So I dont really know much about this but, theres no way to make it like 360 game with the guide button system link thingy?
  12. This would be awesome if we could play halo 2 on LINK. I mean ya I dont mind xlink kai but this would make things a hell of a lot easier.
  13. Would love to see xbmc on the 360. I still use it on my original xbox. Yet this has been asked time and time again I don't see it coming to the 360
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