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  1. Sorry to hijack an old thread but happy to create a new one if required. I downloaded the latest Title Update on my virgin console and moved it to a USB stick. I used the USB stick to copy the new update to a RGH/JTAG console Both consoles show Minecraft Title Update as 1 now instead of whatever number it should be. The update wotks because when I start Minecraft it informs me of the extra content now added I am wondering why under the latest FSD 775 (Not using Aurora yet) it shows as Title Update 1? If I download TU 19 or 20 they show as 19 or 20 in Managing Title Updates of FSD. However, when I download update 21 onwards they all start to show as TU 1 for some reason I can't be certain but I swear it use to display like Title Update 26 before I did this update to now show as 1. I use to download the updates via FSD directly but the TU update function no longer works It is strange that all other games seem to show the proper number number for the TU (like Minecraft Story Mode I just manually updated and it shows as TU 6 no issues but Minceraft always shows as 1 (as stated - the new content seems to load no issues from the TU but was wondering if this is just a bug from FSD (but again I swear it always worked fine when downloading via FSD for Minecraft) OR is this just how Minecraft does it now - which would be odd.... Thanks in advance, Zephyr P.s. I understand FSD is no longer supported but was curious about this one
  2. Thanks again Swizzy - that worked a treat - I grabbed the covers relevant covers and banners from the jTag and copied them across Have to ask - is there a reason why one console downloads the covers and the other does not? They both use to no issues. It has nothing to do with DashLaunch Settings would it? Disregard - found the issue. I have LiveStrong in DashLaunch. Great to know about adding covers though... I can now get covers for a few custom things that do not download... Like DashLaunch or NXe2GOD
  3. All sorted now. Not sure if this was the issue or not but: They used DashLaunch 3.15 in the NAND Image with Dash 17349 - I previously had DashLaunch 3.16 installed. Anyway - I had to use Horizon to copy XeX Menu to my USB stick formatted in xbox 360 format and then started that and then started DashLaunch. It told me DashLaunch was NOT installed so I selected insatlla nd then everything worked from there. FSD launched automatically with the correct path already entered MANY MANY Thanks Swizzy for telling me how to get my NAND etc. Can I bother you for one more question: My jTag can still download covers no issues as I installed a new game on it today. However the RGH console refuses to download the new game cover for the same game and I have no idea why. They are setup the same and on the same network. Do you have any ideas OR do you have a way I can manually download a cover into FSD 3. I know Aurora is out but my Daughter is use to FSD and changes don't go so well Thanks in advance Zephyr
  4. Could have something else gone wrong here because I use to have Dashlaunch and XEX Menu and NXE2GOD appear in my games folder as demo from the main dash... Strange they are gone. I will get there - thanks for your help Swizzy
  5. So sorry about that Swizzy - greatly appreciate your help and so sorry about the wring name They sent me the NAND and and console now boots to XBOX Usual Menu. Trying to find out how to load FSD and all that jazz now... Or at least get Dash Launch started
  6. Thanks Admin. I have connected and downloaded the Raw Bin and Fuses File. I assume the Key Vault is not required as you never mentioned to get it. Raw Flash This is the file needed for any flash modifications. Key Vault This is your Decrypted Key Vault and is part of what makes your console unique. Fuses The jewels that keep you honest. Fuse line 3 and 5 makeup your CPU key. So from above I downloaded Raw Flash and Fuses. All I need to do now is follow you steps 5 to 10 and I should be back on track...? (I had to send my nand and info to someone else to create the new NAND as I have no idea how - also looking for tutorial / info on how to do this in case they can't do it for me) Thanks in advance - I really do appreciate all your help Admin Zephyr
  7. Many thanks for the reply - Any chance of advising how to get the NAND using XeLL? I press eject and it goes though the screens and at the end it states it is looking at local media or TFTP (I think it stated TFTP) and continues to cycle one line below that trying to do something
  8. Hey Everyone, I tried updating to the latest dash using this method on my jTag and my RGH (Slim 4G Model). It has worked perfectly fine before on both these consoles. I tried my jTag first and it worked flawlessly. I then tried the slim and it failed miserably (unfortunately). Unfortunately when I went to screen capture I close the cmd prompt so do not have the error but from memory: 1. I was on DashLaunch 3.16 and update serv was enabled 2. It found my console on the correct IP Address for the xbox beacon 3. It failed to send flash data to console successfully 4. Loaded Avatar Data Successfully 5. Formatting HDD failed 6. Then there was a warning line that told me not to try an update this console again until the issue was found and resolved The only other things I can add are: I accidentally left my USB HDD in while doing this update - does that matter? I can get into Xell and I I just found the update log file from the attempted update but did not want to post it all as it has CPU Keys etc and not sure if it should be posted with all that data. Part of the log file is: --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild v1.16.728 --------------------------------------------------------------- ---- { Update Mode } ---- data directory set from command line to '17489\' started, watching network for xbox...success, found xbox beacon at attempting to connect...success! Getting console info...success! connected to Trinity with updsvr version 3 (peek version 2) NAND image size: 0x1080000 Block size: 0x4200 Spare Data: Yes ------ parsing console info response ------ Console Current Info: running kernel : 2.0.16747.0 bootstrap type : Trinity hardware type : Trinity hardware flags : 0x40000227 internal HDD : present Image Type : Trinity (Glitch2) CPU key : REMOVED KEY FROM THIS POST (weight:0x35 valid; ecd: valid) DVD key : REMOVED KEY FROM THIS POST 1BL key : REMOVED KEY FROM THIS POST (good) Fuses : present Virtual Fuses : not present 1BL RSA pub : good PIRS RSA pub : good MASTER RSA pub : good ------ ini parsing completed ------ ------ getting bad blocks ------ no bad blocks found on device mounting \SystemRoot to usv:...success! ------ getting bootloaders ------ reading bootloader data...success! Bootloader size with xell is 0x000b0000 ------ getting security files ------ These stated all OK / and SMC Good --------------------- Checking for smc config data patches smc config was not patched --------------------- done! patch slot offset reset to: 0xb0000 ------ Patching BLs and modifying patches ------ Fixing up patch set...Done! ------ Encrypting and finalizing bootloaders ------ encoding cf_17489.bin size 0x4560 encoding cg_17489.bin size 0x788a0 done! ------ adding smc_config.bin ------ adding smc config to offset 0x00f7c000, len 0x400 ------ cleaning up image ------ Fixing up empty FS block entries...done! Writing FS table to image offset 0xe58000 len 0x4000 (end 0xe5c000)...done! ------ finalizing image ------ fixing up big block controller on small block NAND LBA numbers...done! calculating ECD bytes and assembling raw image...done! done remapping! unmounting usv:...success! ------ flashing console ------ sending flash data to console... socket error sending data (1), 10054 failed! ------ loading and sending avatar data ------ loading avatar data... manifest not found at 17489\system.manifest loading manifest 17489\$SystemUpdate\system.manifest loaded system.manifest, 0x7de4 bytes header ok! Manifest flash version: 2.0.17489.0 parsing 151 entries in system.manifest found 150 items to send to xbox! success! Formatting HDD partition... ERROR: unable to format sysex partition! unmounting SSEP:...failed! ***** WARNING: due to previous possible errors, console reboot is not being done it is not recommended to use update mode on this console again until you have determined it's got a good image on it 17489_g2_trinity.bin image built, info: --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day. --------------------------------------------------------------- I can still load Xell but I do not have my original NAND on hand. Someone else completed the RGH so I am trying to get the NAND off of them Is there anything else that I can do from here due to the console now turning on and stating E 79 Thanks in advance Zephyr P.s. It does have a 250Gb HDD added as extra storage to the 4Gb it came with - but removing that and placing it back in did not help anything - Still e79 (I assume I will need my original NAND and flash the firmware and update via Xell...?)
  9. Many thanks for the reply. Damn - that sucks about the needing to download all covers again with a new HDD even if everythign was copied from the old Zephyr
  10. Hey Everyone, I understand this is no longer under development but I use to be able to download the covers for HomeBrew - like DashLaunch and XEX Menu... But when I try it states it has something to download but the byte count stays at 0 and eventually the number of files dwindles to 0 and no covers download. All other game covers download perfectly fine... This is on a fresh install of FSD 775. I then plugged in my other Console and did a Refresh Artwork and sadly it removed the cover that was there for the HomeBrew and did not refresh it This to me means it is not a internet issue / settings issue as it happens on 2 consoles. One it always worked on and nothing changed and a new fresh install Why aren't these covers now downloading when they did last time I tried? Also - I have a 2nd question(s): In a nutshell - I have 2 xbox consoles. I jTag and 1 RGH. I have a 1Tb HDD and a 500Gb HDD. They are both an exact copy of each other (copied the 500Gb data to the 1Tb. I even copied the exact same FSD from one consoel to the other. When I place the 500Gb HDD in both consoles the games show perfectly but when I plug in the 1Tb HDD the games do not appear as they do with the 500Gb HDD. (In the Xbox 360 Games and Xbox Live Arcade tabs/filters) I noticed when I plug in the 1Tb HDD that the Scan Path is not there so I add it and do a scan but still no games appear. I can browse the HDD no issues and start games from the Browse option. If I rename the "games" folder to be Games2 and scan the games are detected but the covers try to download again. Note that both HDD when plugged in alone get detected as USB0: What am I doing wrong? The reason I want to get this working is so if my 500Gb HDD dies I can simply buty a new HDD, copy the exact backed up contents to a new HDD and away I go without having to ranme the games folder to games 2 and download all teh covers again Hoping I made sense and that someone could pleas help. I would be greatly appreciative Thanks, Zephyr
  11. Hey Everyone, Wanting to know if there is a cover that can be downloaded for NXE2GOD? At the moment the cover that downlaods automatically is the XEX Menu Cover. In the CODE9999\0008000 directpory there are 3 files. One is for DashLaunch 3.12, the other is XEX Menu and the Last is NXE2GOD. DashLaunch and XEX Menu both download their own covers but for some reason NXE2GOD also downloads the XEX Menu Cover On a 2nd note... I have a jTag and a RGH console. I had a folder called C0DE9999\0008000 with the 3 files above in it so I copied that from the jTag to the RGH console but none of the programs appeared in the HomeBrew folder in FreeStyle Dash.. If I move the 3 files from the 0008000 directory to the C0DE9999 directory they get detected perfectly fine and show in teh HomeBrew folder If I rename the C0DE9999 to be CODE9999 then everythign gets picked up fine in the 0008000 dircetory and shows in the HomeBrew folder From what I have read it is meant to be CODE9999 (without a ZERO) but mine was setup for me and had the zero in place of the O and has aleays worked fine... Any reason why the RGH Console will not allow the zero but the jTag does? Thanks in Advance, Zephyr
  12. Huge thanks for the reply. I shall do as instructed... And maybe Administrator might be able to advise what the files inside 16747.zip are or are for... More so out of curiosity as I noticed 63 of the 92 files are the same file names (different modified date) to those that exist in the common_files.zip Appreciate you help Update: went smooth and easy
  13. Hey Everyone - just a quick clarification please: I read the linked tutorial and used that for my last 2 updates. In the tutorial linked the the 16537.zip was simply the xbox 16537 official system update (as far as I am aware). This time with the links supplied for downloading the official update seems to be missing as teh 16747.zip file you download is only 15Mb worth of files. Where do the files go from the 16747.zip file that have been supplied above? In the last 2 updates I have not seen these files so have no idea what to do with them. Only the $Systemupdate was ever supplied in the past (using the linked tutorial) - It seems that the files in the 16747 folder are similar to those that are in the common files downloaded file - but sorry - no idea what to do with teh files from 16747. (I knwo the files from the common_files.zip go, just not 16747... I would assume the 16747 folder... But the tutorial did nto cover that (not that I could see) so I thought it best to ask In answer to the first post with the error it was stated teh 16747 update and place it in the 16747 folder - I assuem this means get the official 16747 update (like the last 2 updates) and place in corrcet fiolder and away you go? Sorry for the hassle Zephyr
  14. Awesome - thanks for the repsonse. I have succesfsully upgraded via the tutorial on page one but used xeBuild 1.11 and Dashlaunch 3.11 - and obviously the official 16547 update Was smooth, simple and extrenmely easy - like last time. Greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer Zephyr
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