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  1. Hello, I am making a skin with the background menu of Black Ops 3, however the video I have converted to many frames (80 images in total), and when I want to do the animation, the SDK becomes slow, and sometimes when starting the theme in Aurora, it does not play the theme correctly. I'm not sure if there is any extension to improve performance, or a technique to create the animation sequence. 1. As you will see, the first video shows each point where the images are located. At first it starts a fluid animation but when it starts to go up to 90 it starts to slow down. 2. In the second video, I show the technique that I use to make my skins, I don't know if it is a good technique for you or if you know another, if you could advise me on that. (I tried to add a video to the skin, but I see that neither the SDK nor Aurora have video support.) Desktop 25-06-24 4-04-35 p. m..mp4 Desktop 25-06-24 4-06-52 p. m..mp4
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