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  1. I wanted to translate this and other skins to Portuguese but I dont find anywhere how to properly edit texts into xur/xui files. I managed to edit some of them after suffering to find the proper text but werent applied and when I tried to open them again, they say it is a invalid file. I simply dont know why there is no language file separated from the skin like many other homebrews have for other consoles.
  2. i think it is a bit old but I dont understand why it is not recommended to save the launch.ini to the internal memory. I had way less RGH failures when it was saved there. When I used the HDD as default, if I turned off the console with a USB drive and then turned on the console with this drive disconnected it would always fail to glitch requiring to disconnect the console from the wall (on mine it would severely slowdown the console, on my boyfriend console it just doesnt show any picture) and turning on again to properly start, sometimes it would fail for no reason. With the launch.ini on internalmu it works all the time. If you keep the usb drive always connected it would work fine as well, but I didnt want to do this, my objective with the console is to have everything on the hard drive without devices aside from the kinect attached. I just use a usb drive to transfer games. I think this can happen because some hard drives, especially without the security sectors, can take slightly more time to mount when there is a need to refresh mounted devices compared to the last boot time and it has to find launch.ini as well. I understand not using internal mu for other things, especially because it is small and to avoid nand wear, but since it is only used to load launch.ini and not save anything else I dont understand why it cant be used. I understand avoiding using internalmu to save Aurora or Freestyle for example because they have to save the game database over time and it can create nand wear with this.
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