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  1. when I try to register i fill all the information but when I try to enter the captcha its always invalid captcha, I tried to register from the phone but the same happen, I even used VPN but its still invalid captcha, please help
  2. hi when I try to activate FTP on Aurora 0.7b.2 it doesn't work. i have thought maybe the problem is from dashlunch but I have enabled ftpserv, please someone help me
  3. hi I have the same proplem the covers don't show up when I add them manually I can't use internet just like you I have read all the conversation that you had but I didn't understand what is going on, but I know you problem have been solved and the covers showed up, So please can you tell me directly how did you fix the problem, I'm using Auroa asset editor 1.3.3, and what is FTP?
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