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  1. It seem to be normal behavior 😮 Someone told me to install the "avatar update" (SystemUpdate_17559_USB.zip) to fix it. I tried it and the Dutch language is displayed again 😀 Somehow not all languages are standard included and comes with the update?
  2. Yesterday I used J-Runner with Extras 3.2.2 r2 to do the RGH3 on a European Xbox 360 S with Trinity board. It all goes well, except that the dashboard is the newest version (2.0.17559.0) after RGH3 and it's impossible now to use the Dutch language in the dashboard. Before the RGH it has a older dashboard and was set to Dutch. Now after RGH I can change to Dutch in the settings, but the dashboard is still displayed in English, even after a reboot. There's a same problem with Norsk language. But other languages like Polish works fine. I've already formatted the memory and run the initial setup without any change. Is this somehow a bug or is the newest dashboard not supporting Dutch? So if I select Dutch, everything is still in English: But if I select, for example, Polish, everything will change into Polish:
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