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  1. Hello all. Now that I finally have my own RGH Xbox 360, I was curious, as I can’t find any documentation anywhere on google or elsewhere. Is dolphin able to run on a 360? If anyone watches MVG on YouTube, I’m sure you’ve seen his most recent video where he did a whole 20 minute commentary about dolphin and how well it worked on the Series X (or was it s ?) either way, he said it was better than retro-arch in his opinion, and it looked really great. Am I wasting my time? Should I just use retro-arch and shut my mouth? Or has anyone gotten dolphin working on old hardware like this? Also, yes I am somewhat new to home brew. Haven’t touched a console since the days of hotswapping on the 360 when I was in highschool. So sorry In advance for sounding like an idiot. But thanks regardless everyone.
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