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  1. Your best bet, get Proto.xex (Free XBL Stealth Server) Need to have Xbox live or an Gamepass Account works. Just download an Xbox live profile and I've been updating all my games Via xbox live servers. I haven't been banned for it, but there is always that risk...
  2. So, after you download the update (via unity), you did "Enable" the update? Right? My xbox wasn't or isn't, so I after to press "A" after you install it and it says "enable" Check that the TU is "Enabled"
  3. Well, as I did try that also, my Xbox wouldn’t! This was the only method I could confirm. (Perhaps my settings where different) Thanks.
  4. (Dot)right! Lol thanks! I didn’t even realize it. I was on there before, and thought “what the hell happened!”. Thanks.
  5. Haven't been able to go the site anymore (unity site). Do you know what happened?
  6. Really? Would you have steps or know-how of doing the TU.files to Unity! Thanks
  7. I can Later today! check back! Had to go into work!
  8. Sorry, If I'm not allowed to post "Title Update" links Let me know.. I'm not sure it we can! Thank you!
  9. This Update was not on the XboxUnity.net Via "Title Updates" ver4 on there doesn't allow all DLC. This is the Newest Update: https://ufile.io/i8ejnmj0 Or Via My Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pU6HITRPXI8z-082PeuHY9pcbf55RWFl/view?usp=sharing
  10. No, that's not what you want to do! That will stop the patch from looking for an file "$$ystemUpdate" Via DashLaunch. EVERYONE, KERNEL MUST MATCH UPDATE FILE: EXSAMPLE: 2.0.(Kernel Version).0 So if Up To Date 2022: 2.0.17559.0 How to make this work: Aurora RHG 3.0 Dash 17559 1. Flash Kernel to the newest if you are not on the 17559 (Look in your settings info to check) 2. Download http://www.xbox.com/system-update-usb 3. Extract File "7zip" Windows 4. Rename File > Add the DOLLAR SIGN "$" REMOVE THE "S" Example: OLD: $SystemUpdate > NEW: $$ystemUpdate 5. Format USB Device to "FAT32" (YouTube if you don't know how!) 6. Now place the file "$$ystemUpdate" onto the USB! 7. Xbox off > insert USB > Turn on Xbox 8. Update should prompt > Select "YES" to Update. 9. Also if you are not getting a "prompt". Try booting up XEX MENU app Link here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2gJoF-kovcLc2I4aURsQ1VLU2M/view?resourcekey=0-7pAOpPVm-dsL8UjmahU5xA Note: if this isn't working -Check File name > $$ystemUpdate -Check Xbox is at Kernel 17559 -Check Dashlaunch > Behavior > noupdater "enabled" > Right bumper xbox controller > "HDD" > Press "X" to Save settings!
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