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  1. Hi everyone, I have Just dance 3 with the songs "Airplanes", "Only Girl" and "Satellite", but I want to play "E.T" and "Teenage Dream" from Katy Perry. How can I unlock both songs with RGH? What do I have to do? Thanks
  2. HI everyone I have just dance 3 region free with RGH in my xbox and with the songs "Satellite", "Airplanes", and "Only Girl In the world". But I want to play E.T and Teenage Dream by katy Perry, which only exist on the special edition of the PAL region of the game. I have seen the all files from the game and both songs come in the game files but they don,t appear in the game. How can I unlock both songs from katy perry with RGH?, what do I have to do? Thanks Data360_ET.forge Data360_TeenageDream.forge
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