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  1. sjg10553

    gta V issue

    Thanks mophead it worked a treat. Used xbox image browser with disc 1 & 2 then took folder 545408A7 from disc 1 and put that in the content/0000000000000000 folder of xbox HDD and put disc 2 straight onto my USB drive and all works a treat Griff
  2. Go to the forums page then select tutorials and it is currently the 11th topic from the top.......hope it helps.
  3. No probs I figured it out
  4. Which button do you press to refresh freestyle please?
  5. Go to the website link.jqe360.com it shows the games supported, which should help you.
  6. spaz2203, Thanks for the reply, but being slightly dim insofar as Xbox is concerned and probably didn`t explain properly.....does your reply mean that after dumping the NAND to a USB stick and removing it from the Xbox if I turn the Xbox back on without the USB stick inserted it would boot up as normal? Thanks in anticipation.
  7. Sorry for the daft question but if I dump my NAND with the above flasher and then switch my Xbox back on would anything happen?
  8. Excellent tutorial..all working fine first time..not bad a 59 year old Thank you
  9. It might be worth updating to Dashlaunch 3.04. Hope it helps.
  10. Once I have configured dashlaunch do I save it by pressing LB then selecting Flash and then pressing X. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
  11. moses_373 thanks for the help as I now have the latest dashboard on my Xbox 360. I have a couple of avatar items and want to put them on the Xbox. Do I have to do anything to them and what file on the Xbox do they go in please?
  12. moses_373 Am in the process of reading and reading again you tutorial, which I have to say is easy to understand as it makes sense to a dummy like me....... many thanks
  13. moses_373 I would appreciate you quick tutorial on how to get the avatar items to show up instead of the current exclamation mark please.
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