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  1. Last Update: I now 100% know the issue: The less I pressed reset, the less the save data actually saved. That also means pressing it too little can corrupt the save, it also explains why I didn't have the issue in Mario Star Road. Mario Star Road only has 4 or 5 conditions it saves (stars, coin high scores, unlocked doors, switches pressed) which is very little. I recommend you pressing it 25 seconds or more every time you save in a big game like oot or donkey kong 64, in tinier games you can just do 10 seconds and it would work perfectly fine. In Star road you can even just do 3 seconds or less
  2. I will give you updates if that method of mine makes me lose my dk64 data again or if it resolved the problem fully ( I can imagine it being the case because the corruption only happens in dk64, where save datas are the biggest out of all other games)
  3. I did some testing to provoke this outcome on my ED64Plus and I figured out that while the "Initializing OS" window is still open, you should not turn it off yet. It is also better to wait 5-6 seconds while holding onto reset and after releasing while the Initializing OS window still being open, as I myself have already had save data lost (in only one game though) and I couldn't find any real reason besides maybe the save data being corrupted by too less time for the cartridge to process the data. My best bet is to always save every hour and always make backups, always check if the save is still there after you hit reset
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