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  1. Hi, I have an xbox 360 Slim, modded with an Coolrunner. This xbox has always worked but now after some years collecting dust in my cabinets i tried to turn it back on again but this wont work. when i press the on button sometimes a greenlight comes on for a couple of minuts, Fans are turning on and off at fullspeed and then launches the xbox logo. after that it shuts down and gives a ring of death without the rings... so only 1 red dot. Then when i try to relaunch my xbox it doesnt do anything and wont turn on again. i unplug it from the wall and try it again. this time trough de CD button trying to launch XELL. This works only sometimes. i have had acces to xell only 2 times now but the xbox is not responding at all now, it only makes beeping sounds when i press the on button or CD button. it also doesnt react to turning on my controller now. it sometimes does react to the controller. i again unplugged it from the wall a couple of minuts and now when i try to launch i press the on button, there comes a greenlight, the fan starts spinning and directly stops spinning, the green light stays on for a while and nothing happens, now it doesnt respond to any input i give. I also tried to use an other power brick but that doesnt solve the issue. I've also tried removing HDD and trying to boot but that doesnt change anything. The coolrunner always shows a red light and sometimes a green light ht
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