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  1. Wow ... I am really impressed by that detailed instruction. Thank you very much. The problem is solved. Thanks to Neocazen, to Ustrel and to you Dimanchez!
  2. Hi Ustrel, thank you for your answer, but what is Horizon and where can I get it? The rest i have understood, seems not complicated.
  3. Hello there, i'm new here and i'm not very familiar with the use of Aurora. A friend of mine has installed Aurora (0.7b r14422, not easy to find the number if you don't know where to search for) on my Xbox 360 two years ago and since now I did not use its capabilities. My daughter wanted to play Minecraft so i bought a second hand original game for her. But she was disappointed because there was no creative mode on it. So i started to search for information an learned, that there is an update available for minecraft to get the creative mode. But now start my problems. How to get the update for minecraft. I learned that i should be possible to get the update by the file browser from unity, but i am not sure that my friend configured my Aurora completely to be able to use updates from unity. So i found in the settings that the connection to unity was not set. As i set it, i noticed that i have no account for unity. So i made an account on xboxunity.net for me and set it up in Aurora, and clicked to get the API key. Now I hoped that i got everything to get the updates, but if I show details for Minecraft and thy to get updates, there are no updates displayed in the unity tab. I'm not deep enought in Aurora to be sure that everything is setup propperly to get that updates. And if I try to copy the files to hdd (file by file or by the script to get a GOD) the game is in trail version mode. Could someone give me a step by step instruction, what to do to make my daughter play minecraft in creative mode, please?
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