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  1. This seems very useful! thank you for sharing!
  2. Hi guys I am just trying out a modded 360 for the first time and I am still blown away by the possibility of having all sort of emulators on it. I was familiar with Retroarch already (using it on PC) so that's the most interesting option to me and the separated launchers per core by felida seems to be the most up to date option. I am wondering. Do you have any tricks for easily find a rom that you play often. I mean, imagine that you have hundreds of roms for the Sega Genesis, but there are only 2 or 3 that you are recently playing the most or you want to come back to often, it takes time to find them each time scrolling through the big list. Retroarch in PC has a "history" tab that allows you to see the most recently played games. I think I saw this in the official retroarch build for the 360 too but not in these improved builds by felida. Do you have a way to jump into your latest played or most favorite game for each system easily?
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