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  1. It is not always possible to find. If you know a site where there are the TU, share?
  2. Hi! [unity] not enough TUs for Far Cry 4 and Rise of The Tomb Raider. I am use TU5 on Rise of The Tomb Raider TID: 53510823 MID: 66412E43 But on xboxunity.com missing any TUs for this game. I am use TU8 on Far Cry 4 TID: 555308CA MID: 09D5655A But on unity missing any TUs for this game. Who know, why missing TUs for this games?
  3. Hello Doc! Both versions of the skins are very good, I chose 1.1 it is easier. Useful when the clock, HDD thermometer on the screen. Teach me how to add or replace a desktop wallpapers pack? This set is already tired. It would be cool to wallpaper the background was the last game.
  4. Thank you, JPizzle! I decided to recompile the kernel to the new dashboard, using the XeBuild Gui and the game started normally. Problem solved!
  5. Hello! I need your help. Does not start the game Assassin's Creed III, black screen and frozen. The game has stopped working after updating the Dashboard via the Internet 3.0.58 > 3.0.775 and Dashlaunch 3.03 > 3.07; 3.09. My Kernel Jasper Freestyle-15574, installed data Avatar and Kinect. I have installed a different version of the game, delete the Cache, cleaning TU, delete Savedgames, delete the Profile 555308AE.gpd.
  6. Hi! After update Dashlaunch 3.03 > 3.07(510) not started game Assassin's Creed 3 (media ID: 3E4B911D), black screen and freeze. Please, help me. My freestyle: 3.775 (3.0.58 updated via internet), Glitch, Jasper, Kernel 2.0.15574.0. Advanced plugins no installed.
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