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  2. Thank you so much. I will go through it. You are a great person.πŸ‘‘
  3. I saw that video πŸ˜€ is there any other way to get the "flashdmp.bin" file, cause I looked for it and couldn't find it.
  4. @daniel_tobon well, it still isn't working. But how do I open dash launch when I am not getting any output except XELL RELOADED. like is there a way to access the file manager or dash launch without booting? If yes, how? Cause I can only go to XELL RELOADED. Thanks a lot for your help. Awaiting your reply.
  5. @toomuchsweat yea it does boot with big letters XELL RELOADED. and then it's in a loop looking for some files. What do I do next? Thanks a lot
  6. @daniel_tobon I didn't get you, like do where do I get the launch.ini file.
  7. I know it's my fault. I have a modded xbox360 with Aurora as the default dashboard. Stupid me went to the actual box dashboard (the modern-looking one) I just wanted to connect to the internet cause I wanted to use Unity in Aurora. I went to dashlaunch, turned it on so my Xbox can connect to Xbox services and a pop-up come. "UR XBOX NEEDS AN UPDATE" or something like that. I click yea so it can update it just stayed like that. My monitor got disconnected by Xbox and it shows no signal and only 1 circle light and fans are running. Nothing was coming up so i press the power button and it turns off. I then turned it on and now it only shows "no signal" on the monitor. The fans turn on immediately as I turn the Xbox on. That did not use to happen before. I tried it on my TV with 3 separate HDMI cables still doesn't work Does anyone have any solution to this, please.
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