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  1. Is there a preset of icons available, once 0.5b is released? If not could you provide us the sample image (homebrew icon) shown in the screenshots?
  2. I noticed that too, it happens when an empty folder (embedded in many other folders, like A\B\C\D\emptyFolder) be transfered.. that freezes the file transfer... An other thing is, when your in that ftp mode aurora doesn't support (active or passive.. don't know), then all files failed to transfer
  3. thx, the workarround via dashlaunch will do it also
  4. But it worked in FSD3 to FSD3, FSD3 to Aurora, Dashlaunch to Aurora but not from Aurora to Aurora. This is how I do the server-2-server transfer: 1) Xbox#1 with the games you want to copy should run FSD3 or DashLaunch. Xbox#2 with no games can run FSD3 or Aurora, maybe Dashlaunch (not tested yet). 2) They should be connected via LAN (that you can get fullspeed between both consoles (~11mb/s)). Your PC can be connected via WLAN. 3) Get FlashFXP and add a server. You need to configure the fxp transfer in the options tab of both created servers. 4) Connect to both consoles via FTP. 5) Move files from Xbox#1 to Xbox#2. **The status bar in FlashFXP is not working properly. So it seems that the transfer of one file stops before its actually completed. But that's only a bug. Your PC is needed, because it manages the file transfer, so don't turn it off. When you use Aurora to Aurora then it displays an error: [R] PASV [R] 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,178,29,195,80) [L] PORT 192,168,178,29,195,80 [L] 502 Command not found
  5. Does server-to-server (Xbox-2-Xbox) transfer now work between two Aurora ftp-server?
  6. I'm using 0.4b, DL 3.13 and xeBuild 1.13, $ystemupdate 16767. xhttp was/is enabled. With nohealth = true KR games working now! TY daadeguzman for that!
  7. I want to know that too, but I actually don't know how Dashlaunch settings affects Aurora and not FSD or XexMenu..?! I really think it's an Aurora(-Dev) problem. I've also altered the Aurora.xex with XexTool (-ra) but same as before.. restart to Aurora.
  8. Same here. Angry Birds Trilogy Cabelas Adventure Camp Kinect Sports 1 & 2 Kinectimals Raving Rabbids Sesame Street All require Kinect to play! Non-kinect games are working properly! Here are the last lines of the log: The game loads, black screen and then the restart of Aurora. launch.ini: EDIT: When Kinect is disconnected, the games are working (You have to start it twice or restart Aurora with Kinect disconnected). EDIT2: ok... obviously only Angry Birds Trilogy is working, when Kinect is plugged in after the game has started. It's a "Better with Kinect sensor" Game. So it has something to do with the recognition of the sensor. When plugged in, all games that require kinect (Kinect required = KR) and the games which are playable with the controller, but also working with the sensor (Kinect Optional = KO), do not start. When the sensor is plugged out, KR games do not start, KO game do start! That is something cmedina7777 mentioned before. Beorn, you played Just Dance (KR game) and loaded it with Aurora? Please show your launch.ini and your Aurora settings. EDIT3: KR games working with XexMenu 1.1. EDIT4: In Aurora, "Tracking" in the Kinect Tuner is deactivated. In FSD it's activated. KR games in FSD are working! EDIT5: In XexMenu 1.1 "Tracking" is also disabled. But KR games working.
  9. I use server to server protocol to transfer files between two consoles (which are connected with my router, my laptop is connected via wireless lan using FlashFXP to manage the file transfer). Obviously, Aurora doesn't support this kind of transfer via ftp. FSD 3 and DashLaunch 3.12 do support it. But it's possible to transfer files from Aurora FTP server to DashLaunch FTP server, transfer from DashLaunch FTP server to Aurora FTP server doesn't work.
  10. BUG: It's possible to select other menu options in the settings menu, during the LiNK verification..
  11. Bug: When you use a special character in your nickname (like I do at the end with a !), you can't enter your name in the username field. It stays empty.. (XboxUnity) Whats the best way for editing the .xus files (language files)? XUIS Editor (found at spiffy360.com) isn't working properly.. Are there plans for multi-language support (EN-US, FR-FR, DE-DE..)? Cheers
  12. Hey DOC, maybe you can add something like this:http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2987-new-stuff-only-for/Override the cover header with an own skin. So that all games have the same XBox logo..
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