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  1. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Is there a chance you could upload TU_1C422E2_000010G000000.00000000000G4? I'd appreciate it
  2. The TU's on Xbox Unity are incorrect for Perfect Dark 584109C2. This is what they should be: TU #1: TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000G3 TU #2: TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000O3 TU #3: Missing Here's the changelog: https://tcrf.net/Perfect_Dark_(Nintendo_64,_Xbox_360)/Version_Differences#Title_Update Easiest way to tell is to see if there is a "Gamma" slider in the video settings. I've been looking everywhere, and I can't seem to find the update anywhere, all the other ones are the 3/17/10 version, when the latest is a month and a half newer (from the beginning of May 2010).
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